Writing was my first real foray into science communication. Early on in my PhD I landed a regular column “Material of the Month” with Materials World magazine on a plethora of topics from plutonium and rubber to porcelain and teflon, as well as other general articles, such as Material Marvels: The Crystal Palace. This led me to write for other publications such as Science + Nature magazine aimed at young people, and even the accompanying literature for the Royal Mail’s May 2019 special stamp collection on the theme of “British Engineering”.

I have written about being a scientist for the Times Higher Education supplement, both talking about my double life as an academic and a stand-up, and discussing how my experiences performing comedy at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival is similar to my academic research job.

Probably my biggest writing job to date was a chapter on smart materials of the future in ‘What’s Next?’, the new popular science book edited by Jim Al-Khalili, published by Profile Books. Writing this chapter is what sparked my interest in smart materials, and led me to pursue my current research fellowship on the topic.

In late 2018 I signed on as a writer with Laura Macdougall of United Agents, and am currently writing my first book on the topic of materials science. Watch this space…

In 2019 I was runner-up in Nesta’s Tipping Point Prize. You can read my piece Into the Fourth Dimension: Everyday Stuff Comes to Life here. I’m also a BSA Media Fellow, and my pieces for The Guardian can be found here.